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We’ve all been witness to family drama. You know, those arguments around the dinner table. Most of the time they are harmless – at times, even humorous. But, what happens when those disagreements between brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws, turn mean and ugly? Family squabbles can become destructive, especially when money is involved.

When the family fights move from the dining room to the court room, the real drama begins.

These family squabbles will play out daily on the arbitration-based reality court show, Relative Justice, with Judge Rhonda Wills.

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Bailiff Brandon White

A law enforcement officer with the Georgetown Police Department, Brandon White is widely known within his local community of Scott County in Kentucky. But this Fall, a national audience will get to know White in his television role as ‘Bailiff White’ in the new nationally syndicated court show Relative Justice set to premiere September 2021 (check your local listings). Relative Justice will pull back the curtain on family disputes, moving the drama from the dining room to the courtroom under the watchful eye of Judge Rhonda Wills. In his role as Bailiff, White will provide order and protection during courtroom proceedings while enforcing the court rules and procedures.

While no stranger to the big screen, White has dabbled in acting for the past four years appearing in a variety of feature and short films. He was bit by the “acting bug” after he began landing appearances in small commercials and it continued from there. White has created a buzz around Georgetown for being seen on TV. In fact, he first heard about the Relative Justice casting opportunity from a local judge.

White’s childhood dream was always to play in the NFL. He made it through semi-pro football and had to stop due to injury. During that time, he had been enlisted in the Air Force with the Kentucky Air National Guard and found himself in situations where he needed to help people in some way or call on police. He even helped save a woman’s life from a dire situation. His “being of assistance” trait runs throughout his family, with most everyone working in their chosen position- all helping people. It’s no surprise he landed in law enforcement.

As a police officer / detective / school resource officer (SRO), and father of five, White finds himself in a variety of situations on any given day. His commitment to ‘leading by example’ is evident to those around him while his approach is one of patience and understanding. He believes mental health should be a priority for all and as a man of faith, will be the first to share how grateful he is for where he’s at in his life.

White enjoys physical exercise especially boxing. He loves fishing as a way to decompress and looks forward to family time with his wife and kids.